1st Cycle (2023 RWP)

At its November 2, 2020, quarterly meeting, the San Antonio Regional Flood Planning Group (Region 12) designated the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) as the administrator for the First Cycle of Regional Flood Planning. Additionally, the Region 12 Planning Group authorized the River Authority to apply for funding to initiate the First Cycle of Regional Water Planning.


Kendall Hayes Administrative Agent for Region 12 San Antonio River Authority 100 E Guenther St., San Antonio, TX 78204 
Anita Machiavello Executive Administrator Texas Water Development Board P.O. Box 13231 Austin, TX 78711-3231



For additional information, please contact Kendall Hayes, San Antonio River Authority, c/o Region L; 100 E Guenther St., San Antonio, Texas 78204, (210) 302-3641, and khayes@sariverauthority.org, or Anita Machiavello, Texas Water Development Board, P.O. Box 13231, Austin, Texas 78711, (512) 463-5158.